Presentation of Campus France Egypt

Campus France is a French agency that aims to promote the higher education system abroad. You will find all the information about campus France on the website Campus France.

The campus France Egypt is a space that represents the service of Campus France in Egypt. It is a service of the French embassy in Egypt, located in the premises of the French institute in Cairo and Alexandria.

Its missions are:

  • Informing students and future students about studying in France (diplomas, departments, life in France, scholarship programs etc.)
  • Guiding students and helping them in preparing their study projects.
  • Facilitating the pre-registration applications to higher education institutions in France (through the platform «studying in France»)
  • Facilitating consular procedures for obtaining student examination visa, internship visa or student visa.
  • Organising various events and meetings (student lounges, forums of master, forums of employment, information days, open days in schools, etc.)